GOYM – Book Summary-27 Chapters

This chapter exposes the power of your mind and how to harness it to get whatever you want in life. The moment you apply the principles in this chapter, your situation will change rapidly as I have personally experienced in my own life. There are two stimulating stories to reinforce your understanding of the chapter. Enjoy it!
This chapter gives empirical illustration of the power of thoughts and perspectives to help the reader respond to life challenges in a positive and pro-active way. Two compelling stories to enhance readers understanding.
This chapter delves into how we learn consciously and unconsciously; it also shows how powerful the unconscious mind can be and how to reach this part of our mind to do great things in life. It also illustrates how to find the short cut to overcome the challenges of life and reach our goals.

Goldmine of Your Mind-Book Review by Professor Emmanuel Ojo Ademola


Book Review

THE GOLDMINE of YOUR MIND: YOUR FAST TRACK TO ABUNDANCE by Ayo Benson Olarewaju. London: MannaBooks Inc. 2015. 290pp. £9.97 ISBN 978-0-9934939-0-4

by Emmanuel Ojo Ademola

Ayo Benson Olarewaju places the source of wealth firmly in human mind, in the anticipation of development associated with the post-modern view of business and capitalism. The book attempts, more broadly and functionally, to expose what the mind is capable of saying to us about the world of business and how to be indeed; enjoying a life of more than enough. The business ideas being promoted by Olarewaju are conspicuous, particularly the claim on how practical the ideas expressed in the book are, about the implementable paradigms and as counters in the main deadly ideas of seriously unyielding context. That Olarewaju should have chosen this title never come as a shocker to those who are familiar with the holistic nature of his affluence as depicted in his persona and business outlook.   

The foundation of the business ideas that Olarewaju place on the entrepreneurs’ ability to listen and implement the outcomes of the communication strength of the mind is akin to taking a high horse to drink water from the deepest well without many disputes.  Although, he frequently maintains that the book was not intended for an academic audience, but the progression of ideas throughout the 27 chapters calls for the academia to tune into fast track mode in developing learning outcomes for the subject of abundance.

The multitude of choices prevalent to understanding the attitude of the human mind as presented in the book again makes it suitable for the use of diverse audiences. It would be appropriate for various leaders who are fed-up with the way aspiring entrepreneurs are led into making early mistakes that wrecked their fundamental ideas for greatness. It is for managers and determined entrepreneurs; those who aspire to make a real difference in the world of succeeding in business. It is written for someone with a relentless zeal to unleash individuals’ potential listening ability to the mind working synergy. For the persons wishing to restore strength in creating wealth and enjoying it. It is for someone looking to explore an untraditional mind-set to improve business outcomes, corporate accomplishment and realise a valuable assistance to change dynamism. It is for someone seeking to enjoy the provision of abundance through hard work. Olarewaju has written a compendium for an active and authentic leader, and more.                  

I would also recommend it as a highly useful reference for CEOs in need of creative ideas in the subject domain of Innovation, be it handling Change, forming a winning team, Mentoring, Coaching, Delegation, as well as developing skills for success in entrepreneurship. Also, professional managers and academia would benefit from a good mix of real life experiences, business cases and historical quotes for inspiration that the book offers.  

The context of the book provides material that helps the entrepreneur in turning daily business challenges into series of mindful apt of handy briefs and coherent references on moving from basic understanding of entrepreneurship to an excellent variety of sensible paraphernalia. It contains great DIY resources for a winning and efficient entrepreneur. Also, the book aims to underline the podium; explicating what great and best entrepreneurs do and promote with doable precepts. The concepts supported therein have been experienced as practicable with very minimal cost, and practically less stressful.  I enjoy reading the book as the contents flow well. However, it would be useful if the next edition will suffice some   engaging entrepreneurship minds with some pictorial thoughts and testimonials.     

I recommend it for leaders and aspiring individuals who recognize the need for a successful entrepreneurship and living in abundance.

Five starsExceptional, a “must read” for any manager, entrepreneur or leader


*Emmanuel Ojo Ademola is a Professor, CMI Subject Matter Expert and BCS Approved Fellowship Assessor. He is also the Trademark Owner of Power-Age Management Consulting, a UK-based consortium


Expert Urges Nigerians on online Marketing to Bridge Job Gaps



An expert in online marketing, Ayo Benson Olarewaju, has rallied Nigerians, especially the youths to explore the benefits offered by online marketing in an effort to bridge the unemployment gaps in the country.

Olarewaju said Nigerians are very hardworking people, but the challenge has been that majority of the populace don’t know what to do and how to do it.

Olarewaju, who got his MBA from Oxford in the United Kingdom, noted that to solve unemployment problems is not just the responsibility of government, but that the opportunities all around the people today are enormous, “but it breaks my heart to see a lot people living well below the opportunities all around them. Someone needs to expose the opportunity to them as well as teach them how to exploit it.”

According to him, the world has changed and the rapidity of the change is unlikely to slow down any time soon therefore there is need to adapt to the change and make the most of the opportunity. Today, he said it is possible to have multiple sources of income without working any harder because of the Internet, stressing that everything about ones business could be automated and earn income even when sleeping.

As such, he urged the army of the unemployed in Nigeria to explore the opportunity gifted through the Internet.

“I have been involved in online business in the last seven years with millions of pounds turnover but it isn’t an overnight success! The good thing about the Internet is that you may learn a lot directly yourself if you have connection to it. The challenge is that the rules keep changing so have to keep up to succeed. Over the years we have learn to distinguish between what is useful and what is not.”

Culled from The Guardian.