My Goal

My goal for starting this project is to serve the world, big goal you may say but I believe we must contribute to the universe for our lives to have significant meaning. I am determined to make a difference in all areas of my significant talents.


This platform will cover area of personal growth, leadership and entrepreneurship. I know that at some time in people’s lives they may have to earn a living on their own initiative, this platform will provide help for them through books, seminars, electronic educational products, live trainings, mentoring, spirituality etc. People don’t usually know the extent of their strengths; you will be surprised that high achievers sometimes still harbour a little insecurity on some issues, some of our resources will help people transform their lives and make contribution to the universe wherever they are in the journey of life.


I welcome you to the world of possibilities and I say Your Mind is a Goldmine – Use it!



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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, my name is Ozi Samuel. P, and am very passionate about having the necessary requirements, skills, in public speaking, Business/Career couching, Investing strategies, and owning a Business/ Training firm. I need your help as my Mentor and a Couch. Help me set up, pls

  2. I salute the intellectual prowess of Mr. Ayo BENSON. The theme of his great book is inspiring, motivating and encouraging, so I vehemently believe the book will be very impactful and memorable. I have been searching bookshop to get a hard copy but to no avail. Still I am not giving up in that a “Goldmine” is not easily spotted and located. Optimistically, I am very hopeful I am a step ahead to getting the book in no time. More importantly, I am very elated to join a great team of Intellectual Goldmines. Once again, WELCOME ME TO THE TEAM.

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